So you’ve moved to bonded leather instead of ‘genuine’ leather: you’ve taken the burden off the environment and switched to a green product, and you’ve saved boatloads of money. How, then, do you clean your new bonded leather? What’s the best way to restore it’s sheen and keep it maintained for years to come? Cleaning bonded leather, as it turns out, may be quite a bit simpler than you first thought.

Easy Bonded Leather Cleaning Method

Really, all you need to clean a piece of bonded leather is some warm water, a cloth, and a leather conditioner. It’s really that simple: the benefits of engineered products know no bounds, and extend to every facet of ownership. In no time at all, you can clean any piece of bonded leather in your home, and condition the leather to absorb abrasions, repel water, and generally take care of itself for years to come.

The cleaning process itself is really quite simple: put your warm water in a bowl, and then douse a cleaning cloth in it. Wring the cloth to get rid of the excess water; all you need for this is a damp cloth, not a soaking wet one. When you’ve got your cloth to be mostly dry, you can simply wipe away anything that’s grown attached to your leather. Be vigorous with your cleaning if you have to: the leather’s tough, and can stand up to anything you do to it.

Conditioning Bonded Leather

After you’ve cleaned the leather, the next step is to condition it. Again, then is a very simple process: you want to dab some leather conditioner on a new cloth, and slowly work it into the leather. Wearing latex gloves is advised, since the conditioner can stain your clothes or skin, but other than that it’s perfectly safe. It’s a process, and it’ll take several coats to condition your leather sufficiently: when your cloth is dry, just add a new dab of conditioner.

That’s really all there is to it. Cleaning bonded leather couldn’t be simpler, and is a major advantage of an engineered product. With it’s synthetic base, dirt and muck tends to slide off bonded leather, instead of staining it permanently. With that, it’s easy to see why some simple warm water can take off whatever ails your bonded leather.

Take Good Care of Bonded Leather

Like any product, if you take proper care of your bonded leather products, they’ll last essentially forever. When you purchase something, don’t see it as a throwaway of your money: instead, see it as an investment. Even with clothing or handbags, there’s a responsibility of cleaning and maintenance involved. If you do what’s required of you, though, products like bonded leather will return the favor in kind and keep you warm, stylish, and out of the weather.